3. Social Media – A Love Story

by seanjmcdonald

On the 17th of September 2013, I began a smear campaign to get back the money owed to me and my flatmate, Brian. The culprit was someone we lived with and initially regarded as a friend. Inspired by an online article called 10 reasons why my flatmate is a dickhead, I decided to write about this asshole and share it over facebook.

My fatal flaw was in tagging 20 or so (mutual) friends in the FB post, giving the impression that I was accessorising them to my plan. I wasn’t. Nor was it to be interpreted as a bullying crusade. Rather, I was gunning for his reputation. And as I don’t have a trillion friends on Facebook, an organic reach wasn’t going to take it far enough. So I sponsored the post:

Bent Hagen post edited

It got his attention. Apart from the expected “TAKE THAT SHIT OFF YOUR PAGE NOW” I also received messages like this:

Karma edit

I’m still trying to work out what the ‘karma’ is here. If it’s the threat of a visit to Australia, then that’s not karma because there’s no cause and effect involved – it’s sort of cheating. That’s like me getting food poisoning from a piece of chicken breast I undercooked… going back to Coles to blame the food counter guy that sold it to me… slapping him round the face with a Nintendo Power Glove… then announcing, “KARMA FOUND YOU!”

There was more:


How inconsiderate of me. The most disturbing response was this:

tick tock

No winking emoticon this time. One of my friends called it “the ramblings of a serial killer”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Before the end of the day, he was demanding to pay us. I guess word got around fast in his Norwegian castle. And though obviously delighted, I was slightly disappointed. There was plenty more dirt to share and I was ready to publish a follow-up article. I even had a few Facebook pages ready to share my post. Forest for the trees.

But it was done. A 10 week feud was resolved in the space of 24 hours; Brian and I got our money back and I was temporarily banned from facebook (I was reported, of course). Plus I gained a few fans in the process (click on them to enlarge):

1st response

2nd response

SO response

CM response

And my favourite response:

SA Response